Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Choose from a number of effective treatment options, under the guidance of Dr. Saman, to gain the mesmerizing, awakened eye shape of your dreams.

Choose from a handful of options from Dr. Saman to gain the nose shape you have always desired.

Dr. Saman analyzes the entire midfacial anatomy to create a customized treatment that results in the look the patient desires.

Allow us to help you attain lustful lips following a comprehensive evaluation and the creation of a detailed, personalized aesthetic treatment plan.

Achieve radiant, youthful skin at DallasFaceDoc with the help of our skilled staff, comprehensive skin care analyses, and tailored treatment plans.

DallasFaceDoc offers a full suite of effective surgical and nonsurgical facial procedures designed to help you attain the flawless face you desire.

Dr. Saman will analyze your hands anatomy to discuss various options available to reach your specific wishes and desires.

Dr. Saman will analyze your scars and cellulite to create a customized treatment that results in the look you have always desired.

At DallasFaceDoc we will discuss a customized treatment plan to treat your Hyperhidrosis.

Rhinoplasty at DallasFaceDoc is performed to reshape, repair, and improve facial symmetry by surgically altering the size or appearance of your nose.

For long-lasting volume in your upper lip, lower lip, or both, lip augmentation surgery uses implants to give you natural-looking fullness.

Rejuvenate your entire appearance with a facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) to remove excess skin while tightening the underlying tissue and muscles.

A common sign of aging, loose skin on your neck can be removed during a neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty) for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Using excess fat from your body, facial fat grafting provides natural-looking fullness and contour in the cheeks, lips, or other needed areas.

A surgical brow lift (browplasty) can address deep brow furrows and wrinkles to lighten and rejuvenate your entire appearance.

Chin augmentation can be performed with either dermal fillers as a nonsurgical procedure or a surgically placed implant for longer-lasting results.

Facetite is a nonsurgical procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to help tighten the treatment area and remove fullness around the neck/jawline.

Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling targets the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Also known as a "lunchtime facelift," a thread lift is a nonsurgical procedure that provides natural-looking rejuvenation and improves skin tone.

Alone or combined with PRP therapy, microneedling treatments stimulate your skin's natural collagen production for a firmer, healthier complexion.

Unwanted pigmentation (brown spots, sun damage, acne scars) on your face, chest, and hands can be faded with IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments.

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, BOTOX is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that smoothes dynamic wrinkles, like frown lines and Crow's feet.

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