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The ideal facial aesthetic shape is often referred to as the heart shaped face. Our cheeks create the top mounds of this “heart” and are very important in a person's overall look. To achieve a natural and youthful result, modern plastic surgery is no longer just about volumizing the cheeks to unnatural levels, but takes into account their 3D structure, harmony with the rest of the face, and high definition contours for a customized and comprehensive management. Whereas in the past smile lines were seen as areas of hollowing that required filling with volume, we now address the face in a holistic way and improve smile lines by creating a lifting effect through contouring the cheeks.

During your consultation, Dr. Saman analyzes the entire midfacial anatomy to create a customized treatment that results in the look the patient desires.

Cheek Treatments

With so many surgical and nonsurgical options available, a full consultation is needed for Dr. Saman to analyze your mid facial anatomy, discuss various options available along with their pros and cons, and to go over your specific wishes and wants. Once that process is completed, Dr. Saman will guide you through selecting a customized treatment that best suits your anatomy and compliments your desired look. Some available options can be summarized below.

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Cheek Enhancement Options

Cheek Fillers

Temporary volumizing for a fuller, more youthful mid face with modest lift effect

Buccal Fat Removal

In-office procedure for permanent removal of cheek fat pad to create a contoured look

Accutite Cheek Contouring

Permanent solution for skin tightening and lifting of the cheeks with surgical-like results

Cheek Morpheus8

Permanently volumizes and Improves deep lines and wrinkles of the cheek and mid face

Cheek Threads

Temporary nonsurgical alternative to cheek lifting with moderate lifting effect

PRP Fat Transfer

Permanent solution for volume, less suitable for contour issues

Cheek Implants

Permanent solution for cheek volume and contour in select patients

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