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Lip work requires finesses and excellent aesthetic jugment. More is not better. Much Although many practitioners focus mostly on lip volume, our philosophy revolves around a more modern and comtemporary approach resulting in enhanced overall lip contour, amount of dental show, improved lip projection, and optimized upper/lower lip ratios.

Although the current trend in most aesthetic treatments seems to be about increasing lip volume by way of lip fillers, one is sure to end up with unnatural results if other contributing factors to lip aesthetics are not addressed.

Lip Treatments

With so many surgical and nonsurgical options available, a full consultation is needed for Dr. Saman to analyze your orbital anatomy, discuss various options avaiable along with their pros and cons, and to go over your specific wishes and wants. Once that process is completed, Dr. Saman will guide you through selecting a customized treatment that best suits your anatomy and compliments your desired look. Some available options can be summarized below.

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Lip Enhancement Options

Lip Lift Procedure

Permanent reshaping for a fuller, more youthful upper lip

Lip Fillers

Temporary improvement in lip volume and contour

BOTOX Lip Flip

Temporary upturning of upper lip to improve pout

Lip Morpheus8

Improves deep lines and wrinkles around mouth

Lip Lasers

Improves superficial lines and wrinkles around mouth

Lip Threads

Nonsurgical alternative to Lip Lift to provide a temporary lift

PRP Fat Transfer

Permanent solution for volume, less suitable for contour issues

Lip Implants

Permanent solution for lip volume and contour in select patients

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