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Radiant Skin

At DallasFaceDoc, our philosophy in skin care is comprehensive and as complex as our skin anatomy and physiology itself. We believe in order to achieve or maintain glowing and flawless skin, it is important to evaluate all components affecting this organ and address them one by one in a systematic fashion.

Analyzing the Skin

When analyzing the skin, among many other factors, skin tone, color, texture, and quality are evaluated. Presence of scars (acne scars or surgical, etc), size and location of skin pores, presence of discoloration or aging spots, skin laxity and presence of wrinkles, and overall evenness are assessed. We spend a considerable amount of the consultation discussing your daily skin routine from your face wash in the morning to the type and brand of your makeup and cosmeceuticals. Your skin history, including tanning and sun exposure, history of skin disorders, and topical and systemic medicines used, are then investigated. Only when a complete picture of your skin health is created, a bespoke skin routine can be crafted that maximally suits your needs and concerns.

Several of the treatments available for flawless skin are listed below. To create your custom skin care regimen, Dr. Saman will select a customized single-modality or a combination of treatments that best suit your desires and look.

Skin Care Treatments

With so many options available, a full consultation is needed for Dr. Saman to analyze your skin, discuss various options available along with their pros and cons, and to go over your specific wishes and wants. Once that process is completed, Dr. Saman will guide you through selecting a customized treatment that best suits your anatomy and compliments your desired look. Some available options can be summarized below.

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Skin Options


Temporary decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Dermal Fillers

Used to temporarily volumize and contour the face


Helps stimulate collagen synthesis to improve overall skin texture


Gold standard of skin rejuvenation with combined modality effect

Laser Resurfacing

Removes superficial skin wrinkles, scars, aging spots and blemishes

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

High intensity light used to reduce appearance of vascular lesions, redness, broken capillaries and sun spots

PRP Treatment

Harnesses the natural healing power of your own platelets stimulate collagen and elastin production; can be added on to most treatments to optimize results


Permanent nonsurgical modality tightens and contours skin to achieve surgical-like results

SAMAN product line

Exclusively formulated by Dr. Saman, our skin care line has all that your skin needs and none of what it does not.

Daily Skin Routine

Customized skin care tailored just for you for long term results

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