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About Liplift surgery

Our lips are the framework of our smiles and play a crucial role in both verbal and nonverbal communication. The slightest change in our lip shape can convey a message about our mood and sentiments. The goal of liplift surgery is to improve the shape of our upper lips in a permanent way to produce a more defined and fuller upper lip. Liplift surgery aims to create a natural lip contour that compliments the smile and improves correct amount of upper teeth show in resting, smiling and talking states.

Lip Lift Ideal Candidates

The upper lip philtral length, as measured from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip border increases as we age. Some individuals are born with natural longer lips. Every individual’s anatomy is different but the ideal length is considered to be in the 13-15mm. Whereas fillers improve lip volume, the goal of liplift surgery to improve the lip contour and pout.

What to Expect with Lip Lift

Once you have discussed your wishes and goals with Dr. Saman, a bespoke treatment plan will be created for you. On day of procedure, you will be fully numbed and procedure will be performed. Some swelling is expected after the procedure. Most patients require only minimal amount of Tylenol after the procedure with many not requiring any pain medicine at all. You are able to eat and drink anything you wish after the procedure. The site of incision must be kept clean and moist with antibiotic ointment for 5-6 days. Sutures are removed in office six days after surgery. You will not be put to sleep for this procedure, however mild sedation can be administered should our patients request it. The incision under the nose fades over some time. Beautiful lip contour and volume are created.

Lip Lift Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a liplift cost?
The exact pricing is dependent upon the specific technique chosen for each patient. Pricing ranges $3500-$4000. Results are permanent.

What about nonsurgical treatments?
With so many options available, it is more important than ever to sit down with Dr. Saman to discuss what solution would best suit your specific needs and wishes. Nonsurgical liplift using PDO or other thread procedure modest results and are indicated in some patients. Results are temporary and are usually less customizable than surgical options. Other nonsurgical procedures for lip augmentation, including fat transfer to lips or injection of hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Versa address volume issues and do not correct contour as well. These treatments usually last 9-12 months. If during your consultation with Dr. Saman you are found to be a better candidate for those treatments you will so be advised.

Will my results look natural?
Dr. Saman takes extra efforts in ensuring the most natural results for his patients. With comprehensive preoperative planning, precise surgical finesse, and meticulous postoperative care, our patients are sure to have outstanding liplift results.

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