On Jawline Goals - Masoud Saman, MD, FACS

A chiseled and contoured jawline is critical to the overall aesthetics of the face. Many options are available including facetite, liposuction, Kyebella, fillers and masseter botox. A full analysis is crucial in creating a bespoke plan.


I am all about the jawline. I think creating a really nice jawline is very important to the overall aesthetics of the face and neck, and we have a ton of options available. Generally, I do this as a combined treatment plan in office, awake setting, totally comfortable, and it could include nonsurgical ways of treating the fat in this area or surgical liposuction. Also, we do radio-frequency skin tightening, Morpheus8. We can sculpt the jawline with the use of fat transfer or fillers. There's a ton of options out there, and it really needs to be customized to what it is that you like and want to get done.