On Rhinoplasty - Masoud Saman, MD

Rhinoplasty is both a science and an art. The nuances of the aesthetics of each person must be fully analyzed and discussed. My approach to rhinoplasty takes into account all aspects of my patient’s anatomy, wishes, and expectations. Follow our Instagram @DallasFaceDoc


Rhinoplasty is probably the most common procedure I perform in my practice. There is a ton of questions I get regarding approaches. Endonasal open, am I a candidate for liquid rhinoplasty or not? And it all comes down to your anatomy, your wishes and desires, and also the internal workings of your nose. I generally use a hybrid approach. You use some of the techniques from an open approach and then some from the closed approach, and I mix up these techniques that would then fit your anatomy and to achieve the customized look that you want, so that every nose doesn't look the same. Not every nose is the same, and therefore it needs to fit your face, the harmony of the entire face. I look forward to seeing you.